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2020 Highlights: SMB CPAs Bright Spots

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a difficult year. The pandemic created a lot of stress and uncertainty for many individuals and businesses, and that’s something we haven’t taken lightly. 2020 was also the bulk of SMB CPAs first year in business as we opened our doors on December 2, 2019 – no one could have predicted what a wild ride 2020 would become. Despite the hard times of 2020, we wanted to take a minute to share the top three bright spots from our year that we’re most proud of, because if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s to focus on the good.

  1. Helping Clients Acquire PPP Loan Funding: SMB CPAs exists to support our clients, that will always hold true – pandemic or not. However, when the opportunity to apply for PPP Loan Funding came about, we dug in and focused on helping our small business and nonprofit clients navigate options to help them secure important funding that would help them keep their businesses moving forward. In fact, SMB CPAs helped secure $2.8 million of federal assistance. While we’re proud of that number, we’re most proud to partner with our clients to help them remain operational.
  2. Keeping Clients Top of Mind: This year has been hard for small businesses: we know this because we are one and many of our clients are small businesses. Aside from helping our clients professionally to secure funding, we’ve focused on ways we can support local small businesses (our clients and even those who are not our clients) by purchasing staff lunches from local restaurants (Nakato became a favorite lunch treat!) or gift cards from local businesses. This is a practice important to us and one in which we’ll continue our efforts.
  3. Retaining (and growing!) Our Staff in a Difficult Year: Perhaps what we’re most proud of in 2020 is our staff. They have worked so hard to meet deadlines, understand complicated policies, and to continue to keep our clients at the core of our focus. Not only were we able to keep all of our staff through a year of up and downs, we’ve been able to add employees to our roster. We are proud of our staff, and proud of our growth, and especially proud of the work that has gone into 2020.

We’d like to thank our employees and our clients for all of the hard work and trust given to us. We’re grateful for this year, despite the hardships, and hopeful for a great 2021.

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