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Planning & Consulting

No one likes keeping track of all the numbers that fly through your bank statements (besides us!) SMB can assist you with all of your financial, estate, and retirement planning to ensure your finances are set for your lifetime. The earlier you consult with a licensed accountant about your money management, the faster you can adjust your budgeting for the life you want to live down the road. We work with you to plan out family successions, like kind exchanges, and more.


Family is the primary emphasis of succession planning for many businesses. Whether you’re thinking about the future management of your business, how ownership is going to be passed along, or taxes, you won’t be able to help thinking about how your decisions will affect your family.


We offer estate planning programs complete with net worth analysis, investment review, trusts, family gifting, retirement planning, family business succession planning and gift and estate tax preparation. By making a difference in your financial life today, we can help you give your heirs a better life tomorrow.


A like-kind exchange is an alternative to triggering capital gains by selling property. The tax savings from arranging a like-kind exchange can be very substantial. We can help you take advantage of this valuable planning tool.