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In their words: An internship at SMB

Back in February we shared a bit about our interns, Maxwell and Brenden. Originally, they were scheduled to wrap up their internship with the April 15th tax deadline but with the tax extension until May 17th, we extended their internship as well. We’ve enjoyed having them in the office, getting to know them, helping them through their first tax season, and having a bit of fun as a team. Our internship program is important to us for a lot of reasons, but it’s best summed up by SMB Partner and CPA, Chris Myers.

“Having an internship program is mutually beneficial for us as well as the interns that we bring into our firm. The program gives students a chance to put their education and skills to work in a professional atmosphere. They are not fetching coffee and running errands, they are assisting in the preparation of tax returns and audit work. They get a chance to see what public accounting looks like and we get a chance to see if the interns are a good fit for a future with the firm. It is a true win-win.”

-Chris Myers, CPA & Partner

An interview with Maxwell and Brenden:

  • What three words sum up your internship experience at SMB CPAs?
    • Maxwell: Fun, Challenging, Learning
    • Brenden: Valuable, Educational, Fun
  • Now that you’ve been through a full tax season and deadline, what was the biggest ah-ha moment or the biggest learning for you?
    • Maxwell: “There were a few times where after seeing multiple returns with similar characteristics it finally clicked and I started to know exactly what to look for and do mostly. Overall, it has just been a lot of real-world knowledge and exposure that has really helped connect what I learn in school and what happens in the real world.”
    • Brenden: “Learning the importance of application and taking my time on my work.”
  • How do you think this internship has or can help you in your future Accounting or CPA path?
    • Maxwell: “I think good experience like this is always beneficial. We got lots of useful experience and exposure to what we will really be doing in a public accounting career, and I think future employers look for that.”
    • Brenden: “There was invaluable knowledge gained, and relationships built.”
  • What has been your favorite memory throughout your internship at SMB?
    • Maxwell: “One of my favorite memories was going to the tax season deadline party. We went ax throwing and it was fun to joke around and converse with everyone outside of the office.”
    • Brenden: “The week we spent in Joplin for fieldwork, I got to spend a lot of quality time with everyone who went and got to know them all better.”
  • Tell us about the mentorship you received throughout your time at SMB:
    • Maxwell: “I received some great mentorship from nearly everyone at the office. They are all so willing to go the extra mile and help explain or show how to do something that is difficult. Each person had their unique way of helping or teaching, but it was all very valuable in the end to observe how each one of them had expertise in different areas. It has been a really fun and interesting semester, and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to intern at a place like SMB.”
    • Brenden: “Everyone was so helpful in my learning and improvement as time went on.”

We’ve enjoyed having Brenden and Maxwell in our office, and we know they won’t be strangers moving forward. If you’re interested in an internship with SMB, contact us for more information.