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2021 End of Year Planning

It’s hard to believe tax season is almost upon us. One of the easiest ways to make sure your filing goes smoothly and easily is to plan in advance, gathering all specific information needed. In order to ensure you’re set up for success (and less headaches!), our own Matt Blackwell, SMB CPA and Partner offers these tips for our current clients.

  • Stimulus Payment: In March of this year, the IRS sent out the 3rd stimulus payment of $1,400 per individual. Check your records and let us know if you received this payment and how much you received.
  • Childcare Tax Credit: In July of this year, the IRS started advancing payments monthly. You’ll need to share with us the amount of the total advance you received when doing your taxes.
  • Tax Organizer: If you’re a current SMB CPAs client, be on the lookout in the coming weeks for our tax organizer. This will help you in organizing your current year activity.
  • New SMB Clients: If you’re a new SMB CPA client for 2021, we advise you to bring us your tax returns for the past two years. We will review those returns to ensure all prior deductions were taken.

SMB CPAs is proud to partner with our clients to help solve your business needs. We’re thankful for your trust and look forward to serving you through another tax year. If you’re not a current client but are looking for a trusted partner, please contact us and we’ll discuss how we can best serve you.